Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science from the University of Missouri
  -Instructor for Storm Chasing course through the University
  -Leadership Board for Meteorology Club
  -Mizzou Storm Chase Team

American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (#570)

On-Air Experience:
WPTV NewsChannel 5—West Palm Beach, FL
WFLX Fox 29
Weekday Morning Meteorologist, February 2012 - Present
Primary Weekday Evening Fill-in
    -Proficient in WSI, Barons products
    -Heavy involvement with local schools, pet rescue and law enforcement organizations
    -Radio weather for several Clear Channel stations
Weekend Morning Meteorologist, December 2010 - February 2012

WAKA CBS 8—Montgomery, AL
Weekday Morning Meteorologist, May 2009 - December 2010
Community Events Coordinator for station
Promotions Director

WFAA—Dallas, TX
Weather Intern
    -Intimate knowledge and use of Weather Central products
    -Produced graphics for all evening newscasts using Weather Central

KOMU—Columbia, MO
Fill-in Meteorologist, 2007-2008

Other Work:
Instructor, Earth’s Climate Systems, SUNY Brockport, Sept. 2012 - Present
Graduate level course developed by the AMS and NASA


  1. I wish to buy a TV station, just to hire you and stare at you all day long.... :) You are sooooo gorgeous!!! You seem nice and quirky too! That's hot!

    Cool website, but don't ever leave WPTV... I wouldn't know what to do.

    Take care fellow Missourian,


  2. Good morning Kait.......unable to sleep I have cleaning up files in my PC cuz muh three sons keep yelling "Pop, you've got too much junk in your files!" I enjoyed hearing my name mentioned yester-noon at the close of the broadcast, and the sad
    news that "The Texas Twosome", renamed "The Terrific Texas Twosome" is no longer. I too wept along with you and Keli Fulton. I sent several emails to Keli following the broadcast. I am sure she will share' em with you. I wish to congratulate you on this wonderful move to TWC, and know that you will do an outstanding job for them. keep us posted on your assignment. If you do get involved with Al Roker, Steph Abrams and WUWA please know that Steph is a FL gal, who grew up in Wellington. Continued success and may God Bless you. Michael J. Hussey michaelhussey40@yahoo.com 561-502-9596

  3. good afternoon kait!! you are doing a awesome job on the weather channel.!!!! have a good day and night..

  4. Are you still with WPTV channel 5

  5. Anyone who owns a Lab has to be a beautiful person. Doing a Great job on the Weather Channel.

  6. Kait looking amazing as usual today. Love the way you look in that turtle neck!

  7. Richard and Michael, you guys are kind of creepy. Putting you phone email is creepy enough (like she would email you) but the phone number..... I am sure your wife would love to see that post. Just because she is on television, does not mean you know her.

  8. Hi Kait,

    Happy New Year to you! You are oustanding at reporting the weather, and you might be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Keep up the great work.


  9. Hello Kat,

    What a wonderful Saturday morning it was to spend it with you via TWC.
    How fortunate TWC is to have a gem like you!
    I hope they are compensating you well.

  10. Kait Parker, you are the most beautiful, gorgeous Lady on the face of this earth. God Broke the mold after he made you! Good Luck with TWC, you really take my breath away. 2-23-2015 5:27PM

  11. You are one of the very few I truly enjoy watching on TWC anymore. Please don't ever lose that Huge Smile, Bright Eyed Cheerfulness, & very refreshing Kid-at-Heart Nature!!!!!

  12. Kait, I've been watching TWC forever and you are my all-time favorite meteorologist. You are in a league of your own!

  13. Kait you are so missed Please return to South Florida
    You can name your price

  14. After reading all the previous compliments, mine is minor. But, am a big fan , you do so much more than report the weather . You are so "bubbly". (great legs also) Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  15. A big smile with love. I saw you for first time today and everything was so colorful.
    Fan from India :)

    With love,

  16. A big smile with love. I saw you for first time today and everything was so colorful.
    Fan from India :)

    With love,

  17. Best legs on TV!

  18. I viewed you on AMHQ Weekend for the first time and I must say you look amazing in that purple dress! Keep up the good work :-)

  19. You do so much more than the weather...You make America feel good and that is no small thing. You have a really great attitude, and I could go on, and on, and on..................................................

  20. i am latin love to see u in the mourning I love dogs u are sooooo beutifull

  21. Morning Kait, Just want to say you are by far the best TWC meteorologist! The only reason I tune in on weekends, Your leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, Your future is as bright as the Sun and wishing you all the best! A combination of intellect, personality and good looks!

  22. I saw you today on tv and had to find out who you are. you are beautiful to look at and very nice fun personality to watch. too beautiful because I kept forgetting to pay attention to the weather instead of you, but its ok